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MEDALMusic Composer - Real Composer

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Below is the archive of an article about MEDALmusic Composer software.

The MEDALmusic Composer brings the way you play and compose music to a whole new level...automatically.

Let your creativity soar...music without limits.

You’ll never look at music creation the same way again. Creating complex, engaging pieces of music has never been easier. The best part is, make a few adjustments, and you have an entirely new piece of music! The MEDALmusic Composer lets you create music faster than you ever thought possible, even if you've never had any musical training. It's that easy. The music masters would be proud.

Meet the MEDALmusic Composer, the first interactive music composer.

The heart of the MEDALmusic Composer is a self-generating music composition engine capable of composing virtually millions of musical themes from a predetermined set of musical parameters. You tell the MEDALmusic Composer how to create the music based on any style, type, instrument, instrument mix, pitch, or tempo, and it will compose your new score in less than ten milliseconds. Of course, if you want the MEDALmusic Composer to do all the work, it can create a completely random composition on the fly, with minimal direction from you.

The MEDALmusic Composer's virtually infinite variations on musical themes can be tied to almost any type of service imaginable. For mobile and communication devices, it can provide consumer selectable, distinct, multi-voice musical ring tones for incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as short "symphonies" for different interactive functions. For gaming applications, it can be synchronized with the software, creating distinct, unique music attributed to specific players, characters, locations, moods, themes, and emotions.

Interaction in real time? We can do that.

The MEDALmusic Composer's powerful software engine can be easily integrated into most chip sets, offering unique music generation for almost any application. And it can be hosted on most hardware or server platforms using a minimal amount of processor capacity.

If you can dream it, the MEDALmusic Composer can create it, and you'll be surprised by the results.

The MEDALmusic Composer is a new and exciting take on music creation. Created by music lovers for music lovers. It's a powerful musical generation engine that can be ported to most configurations and automatically reacts to a vast array of constantly changing inputs, creating emotional music in any texture you desire. It's an entirely new way to dynamically integrate original music into your systems, software, and services.

The MEDALmusic Composer automatically and instantaneously writes songs the way a musician does when composing music from scratch. When musicians compose, they start with an agreeable tune; they don't know if the tune is the harmony or the melody, or even where it will finally fit within the song; they just use the tune as the basis for the song's development. As composers develop the rest of the song, they constantly modify what they have written to fine-tune the way the instruments, the harmony, and the melody are interacting.

The MEDALmusic Composer does exactly the same thing. It starts with a chord progression, writes and rewrites the beginning, middle, and end until it gets a pleasant, agreeable composition. It writes an introduction, verse, chorus, and coda (closing) all in less than ten milliseconds, creating the composition based on a variable length of the song--from 13 seconds to a full composition. Through this process, it writes a new song every time; no song it generates is exactly the same as the previous.

MEDALmusic offers four different ways to create instant music compositions:

MEDALmusic Core
Simply select a desired style of music, press compose, and the MEDALmusic Composer automatically creates a full musical composition--instantaneously!

MEDALmusic Continue
Input up to eight notes (in MIDI format) of any original favorite tune as a seed of inspiration, and the MEDALmusic Composer will weave harmonious compositions in the flavor of the core eight notes.

MEDALmusic Remix
Input any full-length original song (in MIDI format), and the MEDALmusic Composer will output completely new and original arrangements of the core melody. Input a classical song, and remix the arrangement to country, rock, or any style desired.

MEDALmusic Morphing
Input any full-length original composition (composed in MIDI format or through a song created by the MEDALmusic Composer) and you will have infinite variations of the original song with the flexibility to change length of composition, lead instrumentation, key, tempo, or any MIDI variable--all in real time!

MEDALmusic can generate millions of unique songs.
Change any one element in the MEDALmusic Composer and another completely new song can be created.
Compose in ANY style of music: rap, jazz, rock, R&B, punk, funk, disco, techno, classical, country, even ethnic based.
Produce a full song with less than 128 bytes of information

The MEDALmusic Composer creates hundreds of songs per second with minimal burden on the host processor.

You have complete control over the song's complexity.
You choose or create the range and interaction of the lead and accompanying instruments, the music style and tempo, and the length of the entire composition.
Create as simple or as complicated a song as you wish, from just a few notes to whatever length and interaction you want.

It's interactive and ties to almost any kind of input in real time. It functions perfectly with as simple or as complicated an interface as is necessary or desired.
Whatever the type of input used (even the weather outside, the number of people present, the amount of light, the dominant color in a scene), the MEDALmusic Composer can create songs that go perfectly with those situations and modify the songs accordingly and instantaneously as they change.

Small software footprint, only 32 KiloBytes

Requires less than 1 KiloByte of streamed information to compose a song
Any musical style can be created as an input to the MEDALmusic Composer
Composes hundreds of songs per second
Creates new music instantaneously--in less than 10 milliseconds

Written in C++ and can be adapted to any platform

Can be hosted in hardware, flash, ROM, or on any networked system, including Unix and Solaris

Compliant with most audio standards (MIDI, C-MIDI, Studio-pro, wav, mp3, mp3PRO)